Anthropic Dreams


Welcome to the Folding Team of Anthropic Dreams!

We stand together, with hope and determination.

The very nature of a human is to build, to create, to interpret, to understand, to rationalize, and to adapt the world to his goals and desires. No greater happiness can be find in this existence than to know that one has acted in accordance with his or her nature and discovered a means by which to do something that will benefit future generations.

It is progress which drives the mind, and the mind which drives the human to struggle eternally towards goals within which one finds value.

Our group is always on the lookout for anyone who wishes to join us in the struggle for meaningful discovery. We cannot guarantee we will find it, but it is our very nature to attempt it.

Join us!

We are one of the top folding teams of Foldit and are on a quest to be the best...

Our forum is a private forum - you need to be an active member of Anthropic Dreams to access it.

You can visit our group page on the Foldit website for more information about us.

Now get folding, already!

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